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New 2019 S1000rr

BMW has finally released images of the New 2019 S1000rr and as expected following our BMW S1000rr 2019 Spec, they have completely redesigned the New S1000rr and we would like to know your thoughts on the new Sports toping BMW motorcycle.

The Specs:

  • Capacity:        999cc, Water/oil-cooled 4 cylinder, 4 stroke inline engine
  • Power:           207bhp at 13,500rpm /152kw
  • Max Torque:   113Nm at 11,000rpm
  • Weight:          197kg fully fueled / M package 193.5kg
  • Seat height:   824mm
  • Max Speed:    299km/h aka 187mph
  • Tank size:      16.5 Liters

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 Lotus Evija - The ultimate hypercar

The Specs:

  • Lotus Evija
  • 1970bhp
  • 1,253 lb-ft of instant torque
  • Four electric motors - one per wheel
  • full carbon fiber
  • £2 million 
  • Available 2021
  • 189mph in 9 seconds
  • top speed in excess of 210mph
  • Fully recharged in 18 minutes
  • weighs 1,680 kilograms

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