Community Guidelines


EnginePlay is a Social Motor Community, where we want our members to Network and to respect each other. We have the utmost respect for Copyright and creativity and expect all members to do the same.


Copyright Infringement

EnginePlay does not own or make money from any of the material that you upload to our site, you are giving us a Non-Exclusive and Royalty-Free License to simply have your content on our site and third-party extensions.

You should not be uploading any material that is not yours or without permission from the owner as this could lead to potential legal action against yourself. 

If we receive a complaint about the material being used that you do not own, we will remove it immediately and your account may be suspended or terminated if more than one breach has occurred.


Respecting Members 

EnginePlay has zero tolerance for any form of discrimination or abuse, we expect all our members to act in a respectful manner. You may request to connect with a member who may opt not to connect with you, please do not take this the wrong way. If a member who tries to connect with you is not to your preference, please do not leave any offensive or abusive comments.



At EnginePlay we will not tolerate our members pretending to be a person they are not. People work hard to build up their Fan bases, Name and Brands and it is against the law for anyone else to impersonate them and deceive other members of the EnginePlay Community.


Uploading Content 

EnginePlay is a site designed purely with Social in mind; we will not tolerate the uploading of any inappropriate material or non-motor related content. More information about inappropriate material can be found in the Terms and Conditions.


Suspending/Terminating Account

Breaching the EnginePlay Community Guidelines can lead to your account being suspended or terminated. EnginePlay will have total discretion on what we find to be a proportionate action.